Ski France and Summer France

Ski France and Summer France are the London based sales branches and brands for the French hotel-resort group Madame Vacances, based in Chambéry in the French Alps. Ski France and Summer France sell high quality accommodation in beach and ski resorts in France, and provide head office services to its partner companies in France.

A company’s success is down to its employees hard work and dedication. Ski France takes an interest in each of its employees to see who has the potential to evolve. Internal progression can be very quick and motivating, the best evidence of this is the examples of the journeys of certain employees, who today hold high positions of responsibility, having started their careers at Ski France as Management Trainees, Interns and Seasonal Workers.

At Ski France what matters to us is who you are and who you want to become, especially now more than ever when we are looking to invest in new projects and prospects of development.